About Us

Let’s face it, companies offering online solutions like web hosting, domain name registration, web maintenance, web redesign, graphics and logo,and even content today are usually a dime a dozen.

In fact, if you’ll key in any of those aforementioned specialization in any of the search engine’s search box, chances are you’d be face with at least a million choices – and that’s extremely confusing and difficult.

Finding the right one that can help you achieve your goal is – sad to say a terribly daunting task. That is where we come in, at ANR Web Solutions, we actually LISTEN to you put your ideas into a concrete, executable and effective brand.


We offer these following online solutions:

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Maintenance
  • Web Redesign
  • Graphics and Logo
  • Web Content




At ANR we aim to provide quality web solutions to small and big scale businesses and everything in between.

We seek to continually be on the forefront of the industry with our craft and services by continuous improvement through trainings, webinars and post graduate education.

We endeavor to achieve a client first approach with our services by treating every client as unique individuals with unique needs.

We achieve all these through constant communication, teamwork and integrity combined that sets us apart and clearly demonstrate who we are and what we do.




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Phone : (0919) 433 - 1939

Email : info@anrwebsolutions.com