Why You Need to Put Your Business Online

Why You Need to Put Your Business Online

Did you know that the average growth of e-commerce is approximately 25% per year? That 81% of all businesses having an online presence actually reached new clients during last year’s holiday season which

led to increased sales and profitability? This is according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

Gartner Research, another survey and research organization also came out with their own survey and has this to say,” 30% of small businesses with a web presence and fewer than 20 employees now generate more than 25% of their revenue online.”

With these affirmative benefits of having a thriving online presence isn’t it about time you have yours as well?

But if you are still quite apprehensive and need further convincing, here are further proofs that having an online presence is definitely good for your business.

4 Excellent Reasons to Put Your Business Online

Low Startup Costs

Opening a website from the ground up does not need any big and costly capital outlay. The availability of cost-friendly online tools needed to create your most preferred website is also relatively easy.

Likewise, there are many business portals eager to assist you build your website by just choosing any of their existing templates. You can also subscribe to their services for as low as $100 a month with full privileges like a functional corporate e-business site with full e-commerce feature.

You can Go Global Instantly

“More than $1.3 trillion worth of goods and services will flow through the B2B marketplace.” According to a research conducted by AMR Research. What does this means? Going online will give you the opportunity to have a slice of this big chunk of online economic pie.

Having an online business presence enable you to instantly go global. There exists a large number of both horizontal and vertical marketplaces online where you can member in (for a nominal fee). Some of these market places have a large audience that you can access to get prospective clients from the world all over.

Customers can Have Easier Access to your Information

It was not too long ago when businesses used to require a certain number of days just to send product and services updates to their customers. By going online, you have the time freedom to instantly make changes, add and edit your product information, publish it on your site and finally share it globally within the span of two to three hours.

Quick Branding

One important aspect of going online is the ability of the internet to immediately establish your unique branding on a worldwide basis. Furthermore, nowadays, prospects will always ask for your website so they can easily look you up even while on their mobile devices.

Going online today with your business is not just a passing trend, it is the NEW way of doing business. The internet has established a new economy by getting businesses connected and thriving online.

Don’t get left out in the dark, set up your online presence now.






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